10 reasons why babies cry

Are you a "cry-baby"? None of us enjoy watching our little ones cry but in some cases it helps to understand why this happen. Read our top 10 reasons why babies cry below. 1. I’m hungry The number one reason why babies cry is because they are…
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Top 5 strollers to buy in South Africa

From luxury to style to active When it comes to buying a stroller we've got a big checklist but we can’t always have everything. If it’s your first born then you might want to have something “Flashy” but you’ll soon realise that functionality, movab…
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Top 10 tips for buying second hand goodies

Wolf in sheep's clothing Check out our top 10 tips for transacting with pre-loved goodies 1. Phone the other party Do not only correspond via message or email. Ask the buyer/seller for their contact number and give them a call. Often, while…
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Your stuff will never sell!!!

Your stuff will never sell!!! Now that we have your attention, let's discuss this topic.  What do we mean if we say "Your stuff will never sell"?  Here are the top ten reasons your pre-loved goodies will most likely never sell on any platf…
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The effect of winter

The effect of winterAs we're preparing for winter, all we’re thinking about is the early cold mornings getting up in the dark and coming back home from work in the dark. The warm coffee we need to wake us up and the heated car seats to defrost us. Most…
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Why not social media

Why not sell on social media? Here are 5 reasons why you should seek dedicated websites where you can sell your items.Social mediaBaby Dorie1 Reach thousandsNoYesReason Social media groups seem like they have thousands of members but what does this m…
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Kids and their pets

We all have different opinions when it comes to animals. Some of us love them and others not so much.  Even our boundaries differ.  Should dogs sleep indoors or outdoors?We all come from different backgrounds as we were raised in different ways…
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Safety First

Planning a nice holiday this December?There is nothing better than a nice long relaxing holiday on the beach during the festive season and when it comes to the safety of our children there's nothing more important regardless of their age. But don't forget…
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Social media groups vs a dedicated website

Why dedicated websites like Baby Dorie?  Let me explain.Let's take a shopping mall as an example. In a shopping mall you'll find many different shops from furniture to hair salons. This meant that many people go there, as a form of entertainme…
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