Baby Dorie (Pty) Ltd started off in the United States and soon thereafter migrated to South Africa as the founders are proudly South African. The idea was born when we noticed the cost of having kids and although these costs are incurred, our kids outgrow all their essentials in the blink of an eye. We realised that so many baby goodies go to waste whilst each parent wants the best for their child. We further realised that there are so many moms & dads trying to provide by starting up sideline ventures. As hard as it is to start up a business, we're adding to the equation the super high cost of advertising. Advertising is one of the most expensive and yet vital parts of any business. This is where Baby Dorie comes in, offering a platform for buyers and sellers of pre-loved items to ensure all our kids get the essentials they need at affordable prices. We also offer a marketplace where those hard working parents can sell their goods/services for free and get the backing from a bigger company like Baby Dorie.

Baby Dorie is a platform for those in need of a place to advertise. To the user it might seem fairly simple but behind the scenes we are working tirelessly to ensure that the advertisers get the most exposure possible. We are constantly improving our platform from the functionality the user experience to the algorithms that ensure you get the best exposure. Our platform is integrated with numerous third party suppliers including 4 different social media accounts and all the major search engines. Our software is designed to integrate your ad with Baby Dorie's SEO rank in search engines ensuring that your ad gets top priority in a search. We also allocate a massive portion to advertising and marketing of the Baby Dorie brand on numerous platforms which indirectly drives ever increasing traffic to your advertisement. We also offer featured ads with different packages to help those that need to sell their goods/services in a snap.  


Classifieds have come a long way since the start of the newspaper era. This was a very effective method at the time but with the birth of the internet, classifieds have really exploded. The seller literally reach hundreds of potential buyers in a matter of seconds. With Baby Dorie following this trend you can advertise your items for sale in less than two minutes. This includes taking up to 15 pictures and uploading them. Our classified ads get published to social media automatically to increase potential buyers exponentially and includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. As the buyer, you can conveniently contact the seller through our built in messaging system or give them a call directly. We also offer a rating system where the seller can be rated and a review submitted. Our system also includes a push notification function which means that you will receive real time messages when logged into your profile and you can effectively communicate without losing a sale. Advertise your goodies here or view all our classifieds here.

Now here is where it gets really interesting. Small to medium sized businesses can now advertise their goods/services with Baby Dorie, given that it falls within our industry of course. You can upload your unique logo and 14 more images of a specific product. But this is not where it stops. Retailers can now directly control their stock levels from their ads and also inform the buyer on how to make a payment with automated instructions, for example providing the buyer with banking details and instructions on how to make a payment as soon as the buyer clicks the "Buy Now" button. This turns Baby Dorie into a kind of a selling platform for retailers. This is but a small benefit any business will receive from listing with us. We also offer our brand stamp for businesses to feature on their business pages. Read more and get the stamp here or view all our businesses here.

The benefits are endless. As mentioned before we make an active effort to market your ads whether it's a second hand item or a business supplying a service. We also recently introduced our very own Facebook groups which you can join and become a part of our Baby Dorie community. Here you can either sell your goodies or just ask for advice. Baby Dorie also covers the whole of South Africa so no matter where you are, we're here for you. The technical detail as touched on earlier, includes an array of benefits to the advertiser. Our system links a published ad with social media and all the major search engines. We even integrate your ads on Google maps and Google merchant. This means that no matter where you are, the buyers can now narrow ads down to a couple of meters from them. You will notice that from time to time that we send out newsletters to keep you in the loop and to discuss different topics in our blog. By the way, did we mention that you can also write a blog for Baby Dorie?

We briefly mentioned that you can write a blog for Baby Dorie. This is but one of the opportunities we offer. We offer small to medium sized businesses the chance to collaborate with us. What does this mean? This can mean a variety of things, in fact, it basically means that every partnership we make is different because business modules differ and so do the business owners. What we normally do is to advertise a business' product as a competition giveaway which was sponsored by the particular business owner. We then market this for about a month and then announce a winner. By doing this the business owner and Baby Dorie gets an enormous amount of exposure to the market. The business owner donates the prize from their inventory and Baby Dorie puts their back and finances into marketing. We are always on the lookout for different ventures to broaden our products & services and also to promote job creation. If we help the ever increasing small business ventures, we can help to better the lives of so many kids in South Africa. If you're interested in joining forces, contact us to set up a meeting.

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